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Simple design but useful, ty.

Cant open json files...

The document “test.json” could not be opened. Visual JSON cannot open files in the “JSON” format.


Finally 1 out of 100s of JSON apps that actually dows what its supposed to!

Best JSON viewer app!

I am using this app for 2 years, it is _that_ great!

Crashy, crashy, crashy.

The user experience of this application is horrible. Querying for JSON results often leads to beachballing and crashing as it tries to parse. If I neglect to prefix http:// on a link, the app will complain that it doesnt support the method (rather than the more sensible course of assuming its an URL and going from there…). It feels like an 0.2 or 0.3 alpha, not a 1.1.1 production application. The DevHTTP extension in Chrome is a better app to use right now for JSON development -- it colourizes variables by type, and doesnt crash/beachball constantly.

Crashes, beachballs, no support

Had high hopes for this app, but it seems each release get worse. The latest doesnt even launch! Trying to access their support page just results in endless redirects. Find an alternative


Processes a JSON string into a structured view VERY quickly. Super handy tool!

Simple and useful

Totaly awesome! A simple and yet totally useful tool, just like its sible VisualXML. Thank you.

Good intentions, difficult implementation

I was hoping to use this app to both validate JSON data, and to show the tree-view to confirm that the JSON structure is appropriate to how I’m visualizing it as I create JSON content for APIs. Unfortunately, the “Content” editor section is poorly implemented. I’m stuck with a proportionally-spaced font (which makes it harder to edit and align braces) as the default, and no way to save a monospace font except on a per-file basis. Every attempt to edit causes the cursor to move to the bottom of the content window after every keypress. This requires me to edit in another application and paste into this one when complete, which is a waste of time.

Not able to open .json files

Not able to open .json files

There are problems with post requests

It does not set request headers to "Content-Type: application/json" while making a post request. So it is useless if you are using authenticity tokens for forms and stuff since the server will still check for authenticity verification without setting the content type to json...

This app helps me!

This app helps me to write my own applications!

Great, lightweight

This app has been key for a project Ive been working on lately that consumes a JSON API. It does exactly what it claims to do, display JSON in a easy to navigate fashion.

Pretty nice

Working on a new applicaiton that is based on a SOA returning JSON responses. I usually use a webpage to do this, but this is far better because I can add post params on the fly. Nice work and thank you.

Couldnt get it to dispatch to servers we use

Wasnt flexible enough on how it formats the POST/GET …. couldnt get it to work.

For $0,00 its a 5 star

Ive bought many HTTP fetch applications. None of them have this JSON visualizer and this one is even free. Five stars!

Pretty Nice but need performance optimization

it help my work on json. but it is too slow when i load larget dataset of joon. I hope developer make improvement about it. Thank you !

Pretty nice JSON view, needs a few things though

Ive had to change my review. At first I thought I couldnt figure out how to copy/paste JSON to make it show in the Tree view. Actually what has happened is there was a typo in my JSON. Since there is no error reporting or notification that there is issue I was unaware.

Works great

This is a perfect little free tool that does what it says incredibly well. It helped me wrap my head around some rather complex JSON in seconds.

Perfectly simple and functional

This is exactly what I needed. Of course good json is smashed together and unreadible in order to download faster. This tool quickly and easily unsmashes it so that we can read it. Further more, you can grab json from a remote URL or paste it in, and if youd like to post to test an ajax response, you can do that too. Thanks so much for building this and releasing it for free, its a big help!

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